Your ‘Good Tenant Guarantee’

Introducing Your ‘Good Tenant Guarantee’…

Landlords, are you:

  1. Fed up with applications from unsuitable tenants?
  2. Paying back refundable holding deposits and incurring Agent fees where applications have ‘fallen-through?
  3. Concerned about empty periods and lost rent whilst looking for another suitable tenant?

Will your Tenant be a ‘good’ tenant?

Due to our extensive experience, our application and professional referencing service has been proven to reduce the possibility of a ‘bad’ tenant through our robust Tenant Application Progression service.

So here are the benefits:


  1. In the last 12 months The Letting People’s ongoing services have achieved more than 99% of rent payments being paid on time (and with this meaning less than 1% average rent arrears
  2. In the last 12 months no Tenant applications have failed references and fallen through. Meaning all applicants we progress have gone on to become tenants.
  3. Unless the property is not available we can turn round the application process to handover in 7 days minimising your loss of rent for empty properties

What do we look for in your tenant’s references?

In the first instance we pre-qualify Tenant applicants to meet selection criteria and subsequent we will arrange to take up references including your tenant’s current:


  1. Employment situation and gross earnings
  2. Rental history and/or previous addresses (especially if they own a property)
  3. Credit worthiness

In order to gain as clear a picture as possible of the expected tenancy.
Getting to know your new tenant …

Your Tenant Application Progression service (TAP) is an essential part of your necessary due diligence …

Find out more by contacting us on 01926 882555

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