Happy New Year from The Letting People

Returning to the office in a new year is always an exciting time at The Letting People.  Not only are there new calendars and diaries, and lots of tales of Christmas and New Year festivities, there are also new property investors and landlords throughout Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth and the surrounding areas beating a path to The Letting People’s door!

With house sales very slow, and home owners still needing to move, more and more people are wanting to let their properties. In addition, very few property sales agents have the specialised knowledge to successfully let all types of properties to the perfect tenant, and this is something The Letting People can take particular professional pride in.

It seems that each year, lots of property owners mull over their situation during the Christmas break, and start to plan letting out their property.  Property investors too have been quietly refurbishing properties over the holiday to get them ready for a new-year tenant.

On the other hand, New Year resolutions often seem to include moving home as soon as possible.  The Letting People email inbox is full of requests for viewings, and the phone is ringing throughout each day with further enquiries.  There are romantic couples wanting to move in together for the first time, intrepid children wanting to fly the nest, people relocating for new jobs, and young families looking for bigger homes.  It all makes the work at The Letting People very interesting – matching the right tenant with the right property.

So, whether you are a potential tenant, a property investor, or an ‘accidental’ landlord, The Letting People would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.