How to sell your property online for just £399!


How to sell your property online for £399   


                                    The new alternative – taking full control of the sale of your property


  • What is really important to you about selling your property? 
  • Is the cost of the sales process a major consideration for you?
  • If you are a savvy online shopper– have you considered using an online estate agency to sell your property?

With ‘High Street’ estate agents’ commission fees averaging *1.2% of the final sale price, the decision about how you sell your property could make a big difference to the total cost of your sale.  Any significant saving on an estate agent’s fees, could also affect how much you can afford to spend on your new property purchase!

But why do traditional estate agents, based on the local High Street, charge you so much more than online estate agents? 

The simple answer is that ‘High Street’ agents typically have considerable office rents and business rates to pay. The offices may well have some customer-friendly extras – such as trendy touch screens, feature furniture, and perhaps a free coffee too.  They may also offer you some glossy brochures to take home. And all these extras will add to your costs!

More often than not, once your property is advertised your local estate agent will arrange and accompany all the viewings, and then negotiate the offers, and the sale with interested buyers. Of course not all High Street agents are the same and most will have an online presence too.

  • What is the difference if you chose the new alternative, and use only an online agent?   … and is there a catch?

If you are a confident online shopper, there is no catch, and you could sell your property for as little as £399 using an online estate agency.  With the use of a user-friendly cloud-based online system you will soon be taking full control of the sale of your property – communicating directly with your potential buyers, arranging your own viewing appointments, and negotiating your sale.

Of course if it turns out that selling your property yourself is too much faff, and your time is more valuable than the cost-saving, you should also be able to upgrade the service to obtain more help from a local property consultant.  Then you can enjoy the best of both worlds – you can keep an eye online with what your potential buyers are up to, and you can save your time by using the skills of an expert too.

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*According to an article by Which money (Updated August 2018) quoting a Property Academy report in 2017