Terrific testimonials received for The Letting People, Milton Keynes

Over the past few months The Letting People, Milton Keynes, have been developing a strong following of local landlords and tenants.  Not only do they appreciate the friendly and professional letting service that Michael Lomax and Philip Rayner are offering, they are also sending in terrific testimonials …

“I used The Letting People to help me rent my flat on short notice.  Everything went very smoothly and I would recommend their friendly and useful service.”   Mr W, Landlord, Milton Keynes

“Philip and Michael offer me an expert and professional service that I expect from my letting agent. I know they take great care and pride in managing my property, properly. I also find their flexibility very refreshing compared to other agents I have dealt with.”  Ms R, Landlord, Milton Keynes

"Michael and his team helped me set up my first tenancy with patience and diplomacy.  Thank you all very much."  Ms W, Landlord, Milton Keynes

"Thanks to the team at The Letting People for everything. Awesome service!"  Mr D, Tenant, Milton Keynes

"Very helpful and courteous people. I would recommend The Letting People to any tenant."  Miss N, Tenant, Milton Keynes

"The Letting People always sort any problems I report with the house immediately and without any fuss or mess. Very reliable letting agent."  Mr P, Tenant, Flitwick


The Letting People open new branch in Milton Keynes!

The new branch of The Letting People opens in Milton Keynes on Saturday, 22nd June 2013.  

Michael Lomax and Philip Rayner are the joint proprietors who specialise in finding the perfect tenant as quickly and as easily as possible.  Using their combined experiences from the property and marketing sectors, and their experience in business management, they have a vast wealth of knowledge to draw upon.

They are therefore able to assess the best ways to address individual landlord's specific concerns and explore new and innovative methods to attract the perfect tenant.

To find out more about The Letting People franchise investment opportunity.