Investors look to maximise returns

It has been over a year since The Letting People launched the No fee guaranteed rent scheme and what a year it has been with a positive response from local landlords after the scheme was announced in January 2011
Are you a buy-to-letter looking to ‘let and leave’ with a guaranteed rent, no void periods, and no letting agency fees? Or, a landlord with a property now needing a makeover to attract the best tenants and highest rental
Savvy landlords and many sensible investors are now looking to become the next generation of buy-to-letters.  With bank interest rates expected to remain at low levels of 1-2% and well-managed properties yielding 5-6% of the whole purchase price (and sometimes more) 2012 is looking like a happy new year for landlords.
Added to this, as potential first-time buyers move into the area and find they are unable to secure a mortgage to buy a property, the demand for rented property is increasing dramatically.  This increase in demand is occurring across most of the country and therefore, landlords have rarely found it so easy to raise rents. Locally, this is probably the first sustained increase in rents for over ten years!  Also, many of those buy-to-let landlords entering the market in the last decade will also be seeing happier times ahead as historical fixed-rate (many over 6%) mortgages come to the end of the term and they can reap the benefits from the sustained and unprecedented low Bank of England interest rate.
All good news for potential landlords, but how do I take advantage? The Letting People are now offering a new letting service with a guaranteed rent, no void periods (over an agreed fixed term) and no letting agency fees.  Where required we will also offer a property makeover schedule. 
This new service is an alternative to our more traditional agency letting schemes and will ideally suit those investors wishing to ‘let and leave’ their properties with no fuss and hassle (no tenant change over, deposit disputes or void periods for you to worry over during the period!) and an agreed guaranteed rent which you can budget for a period of up to 3 years. All this includes a free management service provided by The Letting People.
Interested? To find out more about this service, please contact us to make an appointment for us to assess your property for the scheme

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