How Do I Let My Vacant Property Quickly?

The quicker you can let your empty property – the sooner it will be giving you a financial return for all your effort and expense.

Speed and time. We’re slaves to them both in our modern lives. Everything needs to be done very quickly. It needed to be done yesterday when you thought about it today.

Maybe it’s because so much can be done right away now, or maybe we’re simply short of patience! Whatever the reason, we understand… even though we work in an industry with a lot of compliance legislation that inevitably adds on time.

So, what happens if you want to rent out your property fast? How quickly can you complete the agreement and what do you need to put in place to make it happen? And is it even possible to let your property at speed?

Firstly, yes, it’s completely possible to get new tenants quickly. Recently, following our recommendations for refurbishment, one of our landlords advertised their property with us and it was viewed the next day and then let immediately – at an increased rental too!

It’s completely feasible, but the important part of that example is they took our advice. So here are some tips to help you let your property quickly.

How Do I Let My Vacant Property Quickly?

Make it ideal

You could sell ice to Eskimos, but renting out your property is easier. If you were to rent igloos to Eskimos, though, you’d need to make sure you know exactly what type of igloo they would want, before you started to build it. A tall one? An inside WC? Complete with a ready-made hole for fishing?

Silly, we know but people rent what they need for themselves, not what you need to offer. It is worth really thinking about your ideal tenant and what it is your property could offer them.


  • Are you close to the station with an easy link to London?
  • Do you have a school close by?
  • Is the local shop particularly convenient and close?
  • Maybe your property is perfect for families?


Think about who your property would appeal to and market it to them with your listing, pointing out the ‘assets’ that you have.


Show off your ideal particulars

Now that you know the parts of your property that have the right appeal, you’ll need to show them off in your listing. It sounds really obvious, but many people forget to do this.

Focus your attention on the features of your property that your ideal tenant (ideal for your property) would be looking for. If the train station and family home features are more likely to sell your property to your tenant, lead with those and then think what else they’ll need and show those off too.

The first part of your listing and the photos will be very important, so make sure you lead with the ‘deal breakers’!


Advertise it

If, for example, the ideal tenant is a professional couple, then really advertise it to them. Pile on the benefits (to them) and really focus on their needs for a place to live.

For a professional couple, you’ll want to make sure that all your descriptions and photos highlight relevant attributes to them.

So, for example, highlight the following:


  • Location – their commute will be a factor in their decision
  • The kitchen and bathroom fittings (showers may be preferred for time-saving, and a dishwasher is often a must)
  • Size of bedrooms
  • Living room focal points and the dining area as they may well entertain guests occasionally
  • And parking may also be needed for two cars, so if you have the off-road space, you’ll want to shout about it!  


Securing a new tenant quickly is completely possible with the right focus, targeting and marketing. You might think it’s a case of just listing your property, but it goes much deeper than that. Work out who your property is perfect for and create the perfect match between them with a great listing and then showing off the best assets during the property viewings.

If you need any further help then please do contact us; we’re the experts at speedy property lets!

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