Celebrations at The Letting People!


This year The Letting People have been delighted to celebrate over 10 successful years in business, thanks to the continued support of both their new and long-term property investors and landlords.

What a year 2012 has been!  Everyone will probably always look back in wonder at the incredible feats of the Olympics, and be motivated by the return of pride in British achievements.  The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations were also a huge success.  And, 2012 also saw the phenomenal growth in the demand for rented property which has meant that The Letting People have celebrated their busiest year to date!

Congratulations to all winning landlords!  Each month The Letting People have been delighted to help Myton Hospice and to thank a lucky landlord in the free prize draw to win 52 entries in the Myton Hospices weekly lottery.  As long as you are a landlord with The Letting People you could be in with a chance to win up to £5000 with the monthly draw!

The new franchise investment opportunity!   The Letting People are looking to share their winning formula with like-minded people with an interest in the property business who want to open the next The Letting People branch. The fully developed business model ensures that each new franchise branch will be profitable quickly.  Benefits include a memorable brand name, tried and tested new technologically, specialised training, an advanced website, and low start-up costs for quicker profitability.  Is this for you?...or for someone you know?  Just contact The Letting People for further details.

Did you know that you can always ask The Letting People for property business advice such as:

*Residential buy-to-let property investment advice
*Property refurbishment, upgrades and makeovers with project management
*How to increase rental income potential
*Property marketing
*New tenancy negotiation

The Letting People would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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I can not thank the company enough for all their help over this past year. After my mother passed away, I heard Michael Lomax on the radio and was empowered to make contact with him, to act for us as our agent to rent the house out. I thoroughly recommend this company who act in a totally professional manner, very knowledgeable, friendly and every detail expertly handled. The company are never biased towards either tenant or landlord. Everyone is treated equally. Communication is good, in every aspect. Expert representation is first class. having had a really good relationship with my agent over this past year, my tenant has now vacated my property although several weeks after their tenancy ended. Unfortunately the tenant did not hand back the property on time or in the same condition as when they commenced the tenancy, which is no fault what so ever of the company. As a new landlord I feel it is important to be correct, concise but fare . I have been expertly advised every step of the way, and totally trust Michael and Philip at the Milton Keynes office. if you are looking for an agent in the Milton Keynes area and want a personal touch rather than a call centre and no one knows who you are then contact The Letting People. I am looking forward to many more years of a great working relationship with this Company and would`nt go anywhere else.    Mrs A. H. of Milton Keynes
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