Tenancy renewals: information for tenants

Assured Shorthold Tenancy only

The following information only applies where you have been informed that your branch is providing a Letting and Rent Collection or Letting and Management service. In all other cases you should contact your landlord directly.

Your tenancy will usually have been granted for an initial fixed term of 6 or 12 months.

Before the end of your initial fixed term (and any further fixed or periodic term), we will carry out a property visit and review your tenancy arrangements. If the landlord is in agreement to renew or extend your tenancy, your branch will contact you with details of the proposed terms which may include a rent review

If you are in agreement to the terms proposed, we will prepare 'subject to contract' a renewal agreement or memorandum of extension to your tenancy as we consider appropriate for you to sign and return to your branch.

In addition, at this time and depending on your rental requirements and circumstances, you may wish to propose revised terms for consideration such as a further fixed term to secure the property and rent payable for the duration of the further term agreed.

Please note that if no mutual agreement is reached to terms to renew or extend your tenancy, your branch will issue statutory notice as applicable or a Section 21 notice requiring possession of the property.

All changes to the terms and condition of your tenancy which may subsequently be agreed by the landlord, or The Letting People on behalf of the landlord, are only confirmed as agreed by both parties (i.e. landlord and tenant) agreement to a signed memorandum to tenancy and no other verbal communications or emails should be relied upon by you under any circumstances. In some circumstances, the signed agreement of a guarantor to a memorandum of tenancy may also be required.

Further information regarding renewals is included in Tenants FAQ. To contact your branch in regard to tenancy renewals please click here

Just dropping you a line to let you know how much I appreciate the help and support we got from you during our tenancy and particularly in the last month - you were always very helpful.
  Mrs L, Tenant, Warwick
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