The perfect partners – Makeover and Fee Free Services from The Letting People

With the landlord’s permission and the help of our local trade contractors we carry out many property Makeover services – including sourcing great bargains on fixtures, fittings, and furnishings. The Makeover service may include:

  • Updating decorating with modern paint colours and with feature wallpapers
  •  New flooring with carpets, linos, and wood laminates
  •  New plumbing – replacing showers, taps and kitchen and bathroom fittings
  •  New electrical fittings to ensure the sub-tenant’s safety
  • Replacing curtains/curtain poles, and light fittings and shades with contemporary colours and fittings
  • Replacing furnishings with good quality new or ‘pre-loved’ items
  • Sourcing upmarket lamps, cushions, throws, prints, pictures, and mirrors to complement different property styles and to encourage the sub-tenant to feel at home
  • Replacing or removing old fences, greenhouses and sheds and tidying up neglected gardens
  • Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!

To complement the Makeover, we introduced our unique ‘Fee Free’ service in 2011.

It means The Letting People agree to become the tenant of a property (and thereby take on all of the responsibilities of the tenancy) on a 2-3 year tenancy agreement with the landlord’s permission to sub-let*.

The ‘Fee Free’ service is proving to be very popular and the benefits to the landlord are:

  • An agreed start date and guaranteed rent paid on the 1st day of every month for a 2 or 3 year term – thus avoiding void periods over the agreed fixed term
  • No letting fees as The Letting People are the tenant
  • No deposit claims to worry about – The Letting People arrange inventories and check-outs at their expense, and make deposit claims with the sub-tenant as necessary
  • The property is returned to the landlord in a re-lettable, and usually an improved condition (thanks to a makeover) at the end of the 2-3 year term, or an agreement to renew the tenancy is made

To find out more about the ‘Fee Free’ or Makeover services please contact us to make appointment for us to assess your property.

                     Before   ……………….. and ……………………..  After


*Currently available on most local properties with a rental value assessed at less than £700pcm.

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