Why it's such a good time to be a landlord with The Letting People


The rental market is seems to be almost recession proof as a growing number of people cannot afford to buy their own home. Here are some recent key facts:

  • The latest census results show that from 2001 to 2011 the proportion of UK households in the private rented sector has risen from 12% to 18% (1)
  • 9% of tenants prefer the flexibility of renting and a further 9% say they can afford to rent properties they could not buy (2)
  • Property investors are coming back into the market and buy-to-let continues to be a safe investment with property prices almost stagnant, interest rates remaining low, and average annual total returns of 6.4% expected over the next 5 years (3)
  • Additionally, the latest figures from Rightmove (the UK’s number one property website) show that UK rents have risen by 13.6% since 2009, and they predict a further increase in rents of 2% in 2013. 
  • Rightmove also found that 24% of tenants said they expect to become a landlord in the future, and 9% of tenants said they are a landlord already actively renting out a property

(1) Guardian article by Tom Smith, January 2013
(2) National Landlords Association, May 2012
(3) Sunday Times article by Anna Mikhailova, November 2012

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We had purchased a rural property and were unable to sell our old house. The Letting People were the only agent that supplied me with enough detailed information to inspire me with the confidence that they were able to handle letting our property. We were delighted with the excellent standard of the tenants and the good rental achieved. Ms J,, Landlord, Warwick
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