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It’s that time of year again – when the sun finally decided to peak out from behind the gloomy clouds and throw a new light on the dusty corners and crevices that have been overlooked for the past few months.

Unfortunately, cleaning is a very contentious subject in residential property lettings – as no two people ever seem to share the same opinion on what is reasonable ... or indeed a ‘professional’ clean.

However, Rightmove, the UK’s number one property website has gathered some interesting research to find out what is important to tenants looking for a new property, and discovered the following common tenant turn-offs:

43% = Dirty bathroom
40% = Dirty kitchen
30%= Internal decoration dirty
29%= External decoration poorly cared for
15%= Untidy front garden
12%= Unkempt rear garden

In addition, 27% of prospective tenants viewed more than 5 properties before finding their new home.

So it looks as though landlords can increase their chances of securing a quality tenant quickly by ensuring that they provide gleaming kitchens and bathrooms, freshly painted interiors and exteriors, and weed-free and trimmed front and back gardens.

If you would like help from reliable cleaners, decorators, and gardeners The Letting People can recommend many excellent local contractors.

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Caroline has been a real pleasure to work with.  She is extremely dedicated and works hard to acheive great results for her customers. I have enjoyed working with Caroline and would recommend her and her business. Mrs J, Landlord
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