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Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST) only - For additional information please refer to TENANTS FAQ on this website

Thank you for your interest in the lettings process. We have set out below our lettings process which provides further information when applying for a tenancy through The Letting People whether you are a first time or are already a tenant. All letting Agents will have their own systems and procedures which may differ from The Letting People and therefore it is important that you take some time to read the information below to ensure a smooth application and handover process. Lettings is a complex area and we inform you that if you are unsure of any aspects of lettings or your legal and financial iabilities when taking on a tenancy, please seek independent professional advice.

You have decided to search for a property to rent
Your first move is to check the details of properties on our website and register for regular email updates of properties coming on to the market. If you wish to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail, we can help you find a property to rent that may not be currently marketed. Our website has full property details and we have many years experience of the local rental market and can provide further detailed information on all of our properties if you have specific requirements such as your pets. We would really advise you to start looking sooner rather than later in the current rental market as you may need to wait for the right property to become available in some areas.

For Relocation Agents

We are delighted to work with, and have extensive contacts with, National and Local Relocation Agents. If you are a Relocation Agent acting on behalf of a client, or you are proposing to use a Relocation Agent to assist in the letting process, please let us know at the earliest opportunity. It is essential that Relocation Agents finalise arrangements with us at the offer stage (including any conditions attached to an offer) before our application process.

IMPORTANT- Considering making an application

So you have decided on a property you wish to rent! At this stage you should ensure that you have fully completed all your enquiries regarding the suitability of the property you are considering renting including local amenities, schools, transport and additional costs such as Council Tax payable and whether your pets would be accepted. In addition, our application process including fees and charges payable by you both on application and, depending on our services, during or at the end of your tenancy. Specimen copies of our standard tenancy agreements and application terms and conditions may be viewed at our offices by prior agreement.

Making an offer and application

Your next step is to contact your branch as quickly as possible who will confirm any details or requirements and provisionally agree these with you ‘subject to contract’. All prospective tenancies are between the applicant(s) with joint and several liability and the landlord(s) and the provisional details will include the rent payable, tenancy deposit due, planned start date, duration of the letting and any requests or terms together with brief details of your, and all joint applicants application for the landlord’s initial approval subject to your, and all joint applicants, satisfactory references. On making your application, you will also need to make payment of the Holding Application Fees – which are NON REFUNDABLE if you subsequently decide to withdraw from the letting and are subject to the terms and conditions of the holding application receipt.

Please note that properties are let 'as seen' and in their current condition with reference only to the property description provided and general disclaimer. The Tenant(s) possessions are NOT included in any letting. Landlords are informed of their responsibilities for preparing properties for let including reasonable general cleaning. However, The Letting People accepts no liability whatsoever for the landlords preparation of the property to let including whether any improvement/refurbishment  is subsequently undertaken or general cleaning completed following the departure of the current occupants, or as vacated if the property is unoccupied, following your viewing. Any requests made by applicants for the landlords further consideration in regard to the property, including improving the property presentation and/or additions, replacements or removals to furnishings fittings, equipment  and fittings, or professional cleaning are requests only and do not form any part of an offer or contract between you and either The Letting People or the Landlord. The Letting People and the Landlord accept no liability whatsoever if Landlords do not complete any applicant requests.

Please help us to help you! You will be required to fully complete your reference application and if your application is subsequently declined due to you not providing truthful and complete referencing information or the information provided by you is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate no refund of your application fees will be made. Any subsequent changes to your application or  to our standard terms of letting at any time, such as prior consents or approvals,  for example pets, or break clause, or change of planned commencement date, will be subject to the landlord(s) written agreement only and subject to your advance payment of an additional contract amendment administration fee.

Submitting your references

Now its time to complete your online reference application form and your references will then be taken up by a credit reference agency. You will need to have to hand the details of your current employer, and landlord, any former employer and landlord over the last 3 years together with the contact details of your personal referee. IMPORTANT: All applications including any guarantor applications are subject to a credit check being undertaken - so please advise us before your application if you have any adverse credit as this cannot be retrospectively disclosed to us after your application has been taken. Your, and all joint tenants, fully completed reference application is required within 7 days of payment of your holding application fee in accordance with our holding application terms and conditions.

References Age, Identification and residency

All those persons, 18 years of age or over on or before the planned commencement date, intending to occupy or reside in the property at any time, must make an application for tenancy as joint tenants. You (and your guarantor) will be required to provide proof of identity and proof of residency at your current address

If you require a guarantor

You may propose a guarantor to be considered if you are unable to fully meet the referencing criteria including your rental liabilities. IMPORTANT:  You will need to discuss your guarantor requirements with your branch BEFORE your application to assess suitability for the property you wish to make application. Guarantors must be UK residents 18 years of age or over and will be required to complete an online reference application and to sign a guarantee and the tenancy agreement.

Administration and application agency fees

Your application fees are paid on taking you application to The Letting People for our costs in processing your application, taking up references and preparing agreements for signature and include our disbursements for referencing, obtaining credit checks and other associated administration costs. However, there may be additional fees which become due during referencing, for example guarantors which will be payable before proceeding further, and any other additional fees which must be paid before commencement of tenancy. Our agency application fees are identified on your Holding Application and Guarantor Receipt. In addition, there may be inventory fees for check-in or checkout or renewals payable to The Letting People, please check for the details applicable to the services for each property. Tenant fees which are non optional are identified on the property advertisement. Subsequently all applicants are provided with further details of optional fees and charges for additional service requests. Please note that all The Letting People services are fee charged. Please ensure that you have read, and made all your enquiries regarding our fees and charges, before requesting additional services. 

Commencement of tenancies

Once we have received satisfactory references, you (and your guarantor) identity and residency documents and you have successfully completed all our requirements for your application for tenancy, your branch will normally arrange to meet with you, and your landlord, before the proposed commencement of tenancy for you to sign the tenancy agreement (and guarantee agreements) and any other tenancy documentation at our offices.

The Tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is an agreement between you and the landlord specifying the rent, deposit and general terms of the tenancy. All properties are let subject to our standard tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement terms will obligate you for an initial fixed term and any extension or renewal term. The Letting People do not provide you with any professional or Legal advice and no Partner, Director or Member of staff has any authority whatsoever to give you any professional or Legal advice.  Please ensure that if you do not understand your legal rights you consult a housing advice centre, solicitor or Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Making payment of your first and subsequent monthly rent

Rents are per calendar month and normally do not include council tax or any other services including gas, electricity and water supplies. Payment of your first month’s rental must be to your branch in all cases and must cleared before your tenancy starts. Cleared funds are cash, bank direct credit, bank or building society draft ONLY. Thereafter, unless there are additional conditions, you pay your rent each month on the same day of the month.

Payment of your deposit due

You must also make payment of your tenancy deposit (you may know this as a ‘security deposit’ or 'bond' if you are an overseas national) when you sign your tenancy agreement and before your tenancy starts. For tenancies which are proposed to start more than 14 days after your application you will be required to sign your tenancy agreement and make payment of your tenancy deposit on our giving 7 days notice. Deposit payment must be made by ONE TENANT (if joint tenants) in FULL and in CLEARED FUNDS which are cash, bank direct credit, bank or building society draft ONLY unless you have an alternative prior written agreement of The Letting People branch - which may incur additional fee . Further details about tenancy deposits can be found under ‘deposits’ on www.thelettingpeople.co.uk

Collection of keys

Once we complete all the tenancy administration arrangements and are in receipt of your first month’s rent and deposit, we will contact you to make arrangements for collection of the keys for the property. This is usually by prior appointment after 2pm on the day your proposed tenancy starts from The Letting People branch office or by your arrangement with the landlord. However, please note that your branch will require the landlord signature to the tenancy agreement and have received notification from your landlord that the property is ready and available for you to move into before you are able to collect keys from The Letting People branch office. 

Congratulations on your move in!

We'd like to thank The Letting People for all their help in ensuring our stay in the apartment has been as comfortable as possible, and for dealing with the renewals and issues we have had so smoothly and efficiently. Mr F, Tenant, Warwick
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