Beyond the Call of Duty … At The Letting People

Many landlords will have met Beverley Jeavons, our viewings advisor, as she whizzes from viewing to viewing sourcing the best tenants for each landlord’s property. However, few people will know of her hidden talents and qualifications as an interior designer…. and master furniture re-arranger!

Nonetheless, Beverley has been known to go ‘beyond the call of duty’ with furniture re-arrangements, dead plant removals, and carefully placed bowls of fruit and fluffy towels.

We recently heard that she not only moved all the sitting room furniture around, but also found some designer carrier bags (all empty unfortunately) at the back of a wardrobe and decided to re-arrange them in strategic points throughout a house we were trying to let – a creative ploy to help find a tenant that would aspire to the Christian Dior, Gucci and Harrods lifestyle.

And it worked because the next viewing through the front door was suitably impressed, and decided to apply for the property straight away!

Since then, the tenants have continued to improve the property, liaising with the landlord to supply and wallpaper all the hall, stairs and landing, and painting upmarket colours throughout.

Looks like Beverley’s designer touch is infectious!

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