An unexpected swim in the river leam!

Pippa at the team meeting Woof Woof

So, Pippa recounts the story….

Woof, Woof, I was out with my human enjoying a morning ‘lockdown’ walk  – socially distanced from other dogs.. obviously! 

It was lovely and sunny and I knew there was a river somewhere…and went looking …and found it through the bushes… 

I jumped in as you do.. and paddled around then… Oh no.. can’t get out! I paddled and paddled looking for a place to get out and was getting panicky..

Then my human saw me… 

My human called me over and tried to grab me but guess what.. it was so slippy and he fell in as well…

Oh dear.. my human won’t be happy… it is really deep!

Anyway, my human waded over to me, grabbed my harness and hauled me out for a shakedown.. all ok.. nice swim!

Then my human scambled out… very wet… and realised he had his mobile phone in pocket… it looked poorly….

Anyway, all’s well that ends well…. my human got new mobile phone on order… think I am in the doghouse!

Woof Woof


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