The Letting People ask - Is your property ready for winter?


We all know how important it is to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for winter, but what about your property? While we’re spending money on winter tyres, windscreen de-icer, and oil checks, who’s focusing on reducing condensation, insulation, or boiler maintenance?

For residents, the cold snap expected in the coming months can be problematic but for landlords who are not prepared, especially those with multiple properties, these glitches can be extremely costly; The Letting People is encouraging landlords to prepare their houses and flats as soon as possible.   

Every winter we see some landlords struggling with problems which could easily have been avoided if more thought was put into making their properties ‘winter-ready’.  It’s that old adage – prevention is better than cure.

Tenants too can often avoid problems of condensation by ensuring that wardrobes and other furnishings are kept away from cold walls, and windows are regularly opened and/or condensation is regularly wiped off surfaces or extracted.  This will ensure that all moisture is kept to a minimum inside the property from washing, cooking, and drying clothes, etc.

It’s bad enough for home-owners who experience trouble with their boiler, or find damp patches in the corners of their rooms; but for tenants, maintenance issues can take much longer as the landlord must be involved in the decision before any necessary repairs can be made.

The Letting People in Leamington Spa and in Milton Keynes works with reliable local contractors such as gas engineers, plumbers, electricians, and roofers, to help each landlord to be prepared for the winter, and to prevent future costly problems.

Putting the needed provisions in place may seem like an unnecessary expense at this time of year but when you’re trying to relax over the festive break, you’ll be pleased that you took precautions.

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